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Express Invoice Invoicing Software is intended for business purposes. In this respect, the product can help you create and manage orders and invoices. The tool has a user-friendly interface; however, this does not mean that you can use it right away without difficulty, as its workflow can get quite intricate at times. Yet, this can be attributed to the complexities of the underlying processes instead of the program´s design.

Fortunately, there is a flowchart that allows you to keep track of the different stages of the invoicing process. So, it becomes easy to keep track of the state of the invoices and know if any of them is overdue or has already been paid. It is also good that the tool lets you print documents or send them by email or fax.

Before you start performing any operation, it is essential that you provide basic data about your organization, such as name, address, and contacts. Then, you can begin generating professional quotes, orders, and invoices. Luckily, the product comes with various invoice templates.

In order to create an invoice, you must first add the customer to the database. This implies entering not only the corresponding name but other data, such as customer tax and invoice number. In addition, you can create sales orders either from scratch or based on an existing quote. Likewise, an order can be used to generate an invoice, to which you can add a list of products or services.

It is great that the program also has a web interface. Thus, many users can use it simultaneously from their own workstations. Luckily, there is even an Express Invoice app, which can run on your Android mobile phone or tablet. Do not worry about the security of your transactions, because the tool can conveniently provide a secure individualized access.

In fewer words, Express Invoice Invoicing Software is a good invoicing solution. It may be ideal for small businesses working on a low budget as there is a free license for them. If you want to use other features or your business has more than 5 staff members, you should purchase the Pro license instead. Finally, it is good to know that the program integrates with Inventoria, which helps you in maintaining product inventories.

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  • Web interface with secure access
  • Free for small businesses
  • Helps you keep track of the workflow
  • Lightweight
  • Creates backups of the data


  • Intricate workflow
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